Registration for back to school shopping opens on Monday, July 11th.

Shopping appointments will begin on Monday, July 18th.

For emergency clothing needs, please contact the store at 765-778-9097

If you have forgotten your password then click the below link and use the email address that you originally supplied for registration.

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Outfitters Registration

Welcome to the Outfitters Registration system.  We are proud to announce that the entire application process can now be completed online.  The pages that follow include instructions for completion.  If you have questions or difficulty completing the application, please contact our office.

  Primary Family Contact
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In order to be considered for an application award, I agree to:
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* Complete all required segments of the application.
* Secure proof of needed documentation as instructed.
* Submit accurate and truthful information on my application.

Applicant represents that all above statements are true and complete. Applicant hereby authorizes verification of above information, documentation, and applicant releases from all liability or responsibility all persons and corporations requesting or supplying such information. Applicant acknowledges that false information may constitute grounds for rejection of this application.
 * I have read and agree to the provisions as stated.